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After our beginner’s guide to Toto earlier, here is an introduction on how to get started on 4D. Most people usually buy 4D and Toto together since the results are announced on different days. However, there are some who prefer one over the other depending on how easy it is to win. Read on to find out if you have a preference for 4D or Toto. Perhaps you might find your luck better with one than the other!

Some say that the cost of buying Toto is much lesser since the price is pretty standard. Moreover, the odds of matching 3 numbers to win a small prize are quite high as the prize money is often divided by multiple winners. However, 4D also has its own advantages: depending on how you buy your ticket, you may even increase your own odds of winning!

Rules of the Game

Simply pick four digits to form a number from 0000 to 9999, and place a minimum bet of $1 or more.

Draws will be picked every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be 23 sets of winning numbers for each draw and your prize money depends on which prize category your number falls under, as well as the options you have selected in your ticket.

You get to choose if you want to place a Big or Small bet with each bet placed. If you place a Big bet, you get to win a prize if your 4D number appears in any prize category.

However, if you choose to place a Small bet instead, you will only win a prize if your 4D number appears in the top three prize categories. The incentive of buying a Small bet is that your prize money gets multiplied in the event that you match any of the top three numbers. You can buy both Big and Small bets for the same number as well. (Refer to number 3 in image)

To win a prize from matching the winning number, the sequence of the numbers is important. For example, if you purchase the numbers 1234, and the winning numbers are 2341, you will not win a prize unless you match the exact numbers in the exact sequence.

However, if you select the iBet option, you will win a small prize in this case. But note that checking the iBet option increases your odds of winning, so even if you happen to match the exact numbers in the exact sequence, the prize money will be much lesser than it would be had you not checked the iBet option. The difference could be up to a few thousand dollars for a minimum bet of $1, thus some people would prefer to buy two sets of the exact same numbers (one with iBet, and one without). Alternatively, you can also opt for the system entry option below.

System Entry

For System Entry, you will also select four digits in a particular sequence. However, the bet cost will be multiplied by the number of combinations for your selection. This essentially means that you get to buy more sets of combinations without having to select iBet (which reduces your prize money), but each ticket will cost more as a result.

4D Roll

You can also purchase 4D Roll with a minimum bet amount of $10. Simply select three digits of your choice and one “rolling digit”. This “rolling digit” can represent any number from 0 to 9, but the order of the numbers matters as well when it comes to matching the winning number.


Now, when it comes down to picking the numbers, most people consistently pick meaningful numbers such as a birthdate, anniversary date or car plate number. However, if you have no numbers in mind, selecting the QuickPick option allows the system to conveniently generate a set of numbers for you.

(Image credits (from top): The Business Times, Singapore Pools)




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