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Commonly Used Terms

HDB is a term used in Singapore, referring to public housing that is managed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). HDB flats are located in self-contained towns with self sufficient amenities like schools, supermarkets, clinics, food courts, and sports/recreational facilities. Public housing in Singapore is generally not considered as a sign of poverty or lower standards of living, as compared to public housing in other countries, and more than 80% of Singaporeans live in HDB flats.
Refers to Condominium / Apartments. These are buildings usually developed by private companies and may include special luxury features like security guards, swimming pools, and tennis courts etc.

Detached house – Can also be called bungalow. Detached houses do not have adjoining walls with other houses and is standalone with its own fences.

Semi-Detached houses – Two detached houses connected together (usually by a single wall). The minimum size of such houses must be at least 200sqm / 2152.8sqft

Terrace houses – Rows of houses connected together by a common boundary.

Cluster houses – Have recreational facilities and share common areas.

A studio apartment is a small apartment which combines living room, bedroom, and kitchenette into a single room.
The master room is the biggest room in a property and is usually connected to a dedicated bathroom.
The common room is smaller than the master room and a property may have more than one common room.
It is the year when building work is completed. In Singapore, it stands for Temporary Occupation Permit; once issued, the developer will handover the keys to the owner.
Partially furnished apartments usually only come with white goods (major appliances that accomplish some routine housekeeping tasks; like refrigerator and washer) and may lack other essential electric appliances.
Usually refers to simple food prepartion without making the place oily. However, different landlords may have various standards and it is important to clarify.
Mass Rapid Transit or MRT is a subway transit system forming the major component of the railway system in Singapore.
Light Rail Transit or LRT is the light rail component of Singapore's rail network. Each line serves a particular public housing estate.
Housing tenure refers to the arrangement under which someone has the right to live in.
*Freehold – Means you own the building and the land it stands on outright, in perpetuity.

How Nestia Works

For Tenant

You may make any enquires by messaging the publisher via our in-site messaging system. The publisher will receive your enquires in real time.
Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We ensure that your personal information you provide can only be seen by the publisher upon inquiry of property. We will adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act.
Nestia does not own or manage any of the properties on our website and therefore unable to predict the response time of each property. However, do highlight to our support team should there be any inactivity and we will gladly follow up with the publisher on your behalf.
Nothing! It is absolutely free.
When contacting an agent who represents the landlord, there should be no commission fee required as the agent cannot represent both parties. However, should you require the agent to search & source for other properties, there may be a commission involved. For more regulations, please click here.
In most cases, the publisher would request for a deposit. Thus, we suggest you to contact the publisher on deposit issues and signing of the contract.

For Publisher

Just sign up an account with Nestia and proceed to List Your Property for free!
The status of your listing will be seen as "Pending" and we will contact you as soon as possible should there be any missing vital information and to arrange a free photo taking session for your property. Once done, your listing will then be live on our site.
Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. The specific unit number of your property will not be shown to users. Your contact number will be hidden as well but you may choose to add it in the description of your listing. We will adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act.
You may use the messaging system to answer enquires from potential tenants, and ask them questions.
Yes. Should your property be unavailable, just click "cancel" in My Listing and your listing will then be inactive.
Just click on the names of the tenants in Inbox and a pop up will appear.

Basic Rental Laws in SG

1.1 Letter of Intent (LOI). A LOI is optional and its purpose is to dictate the tenant's intention to rent along with his/her conditions.

1.2 Tenancy Agreement (TA). A TA is usually prepared by the landlord or representing agent. It is the legal document between the two parties in rental. For a sample of a TA, please click here.
The standard practice in Singapore is usually one month's rent for every year of lease. When the lease term ends, the deposit will be refunded without interest. However, the landlord reserves the right to deduct from the deposit all costs and expenses arising from the tenant for breaching any of the covenants stated in the Tenancy Agreement.
A Tenancy Agreement will need to be stamped by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, then it can be considered a valid contract as evidence in court for any disputes that may arise in the future.The stamp duty is usually borne by the tenant. For more details and calculation of the Stamp Duty, please click here.
Yes, rental income from the letting of a property in Singapore is subject to income tax; please click here for more details.
For HDB owners, please note there are several additional guidelines to follow when renting out a room or your entire flat. For example, for renting out an entire flat, an approval from HDB is required before rental; furthermore, there is a Non-Citizen Subletting Quota and a minimum occupation period you will have to adhere to.

For tenants, do take note that you have to be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resisdent or holder of a valid pass. Strictly no tourists are allowed to rent a HDB in Singapore and the lease has to be of at least 6 months.

Please click here for the full guidelines.