Do you believe in these common gambling superstitions?

1. Beginner’s Luck

Whether in lottery, gambling or lucky draws, punters often believe that beginners are exceptionally lucky to strike a small winning as they are new to the game. Although this has not been scientifically proven, it has been a strong belief due to many real-life cases.

Some say that this could be due to many expecting a single person to win as a first-timer, and these expectations created a law of attraction to generate positive vibes for the person’s winning. Nevertheless, it’s always a fun thing to try for a beginner and even more thrilling to win a small prize on the first try!

2. Ghostly winnings

It is believed that seeking the help of the supernatural will help you make a windfall with the lottery. Whether from close relatives who have passed away, or by stumbling upon a supernatural encounter, many believe that there are chances of winning from supernatural factors.

it is common to find that the paper offerings at a funeral (car plate number, house unit number etc) often carry special digits which people try their luck at in the lottery. These numbers tend to get sold out if you are not quick enough, and there have been cases of people striking a huge prize from these numbers too.

There are movies which illustrate people making deals with spirits to win the lottery as well. However, be careful with who you deal with and don’t let your greed overcome you. In the movie, “Greedy Ghost”, a punter gets lucky after discovering a book with ghostly numbers, but ends up being punished for his greed. It is best not to mess with spirits if you are afraid of the repercussions, as you never know what might happen.

3. Repaying the Spirit

If you get a winning number from a spirit, it is customary to make some repayment in the form of offerings or donations. It is believed that you will be unlucky or face misfortune if you ignore the spirit after winning.

The amount of the offerings depends on your sincerity, although some would say the bigger your winning, the more you should repay in offerings. If you had obtained the number from a funeral, making offerings to the deceased friend or relative is only polite. Though, they are unlikely to do harm to you if they had been close to you in life.

In another local movie “Where Got Ghost?”, one of the characters, Cai refused to repay the ghost after winning the first and second prize in lottery and end up getting run over by a car. Although this is only a horror film, it speaks much about the urban superstition associated with lottery.

4. Buy 4D when there is a car accident

It is believed that buying the car plate numbers of cars in an accident for 4D raises your chances of striking 4D. There are even websites online which generate car plate numbers from previous car accidents. Even simple incidents like a punctured tyre or slight bump could represent a winning number.

Some say this is one of the ways people try to ease the unhappiness from getting into a small road accident (probably with a scratched boot) and hope to win 4D to cover the cost of repair. This is also based on the belief that something good usually happens after a bad incident, so why not try your luck? This is probably the reason for traffic jams whenever there is an accident in Singapore though.

5. Gambler sensitivities

There are many Chinese superstitions regarding gambling, especially with wordplay. For example, it is believed that carrying a book or even mentioning it, causes bad luck when gambling since it is pronounced “shu” which sounds like losing.

The Chinese also believe that patting a gambler on the shoulder extinguishes the “flame of luck”, and is a taboo especially when someone is prepared to gamble. Be careful to take note of these gambling faux pas especially to experienced punters as this may annoy them.

6. Wear red underwear for extra luck

If you want to feel extra lucky, perhaps you can wear red underwear when placing your bets. Many believe that wearing red symbolises good luck, and having red underwear is especially lucky for gamblers! Just be discreet and wear it on the inside, instead of dressing up like Superman.




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