How to Rank Higher in Nestia

Unlike many other portals, our listings are not ranked based on their last published date. This traditional ranking system brings about many duplicates and irritate many users who go through page by page of information. Likewise, it is time consuming for advertisers as many will spend hours doing “re-posting” in order to get their listing to the front.

Here in Nestia, every listing is given a score by our team and photos play a huge part in determining that. These are what we look at;

Interior vs Exterior
interior photoexterior photo

Interior photos are definitely what potential tenants want to look at and thus, listings without will be ranked lower in our platform. We understand several landlords may choose not to share their interior photos online and in such cases, we do allow the exterior photos to be used instead. (As seen above)

Landscape vs Portrait
landscape photoportrait photo

Most browsers be it desktop or mobile platforms display photos in a landscape orientation. Thus, using landscape photos enhances the browsing experience while portrait photos end up being sandwiched between blank spaces.

Good Lighting vs Dark Photos
good lighting photodark lighting photo

Good natural lighting is definitely more ideal when taking pictures. When the sun is not up or there isn't enough natural lighting, just simply turn on the lights! Bright photos and colours tend to give viewers a more homely feel.

Informative vs Obstructive Watermarks
informative watermarkobstructive watermark

We know many publishers include watermarks in their photos to prevent people from stealing them. Also, some use it to provide information such as contact number or to label such as (Master Room / Common Room). However, when watermarks become an obstruction instead, this annoys the user and tend to distract them from the actual home.

These days, smartphones are well equipped to take good quality photos and you definitely need not invest in an expensive camera to do well in our portal. Just follow these simple guidelines and your listing will definitely gain more exposure on our platform. Do note while photos play a huge part, we do factor in other components such as the advertiser's activity in Nestia as well as information provided. If you are still unsure or need any help, feel free to contact us!




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