Shisen Hanten by Chef Chen Kentaro
Orchard 333 Orchard Road, Mandarin Orchard, Singapore 238867
Open Now Sichuan Chinese
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$60 per pax 13 Reviews
  • Taste 4.5
  • Atmosphere 4.2
  • Service 4.3
Phone +65 68316262


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Taste 3.7 Atmosphere 4.0 Service 4.0

Were delighted when the staff displayed the Peking Duck and then individual prepared each lovely piece of shin ready to melt in your mouth. Enjoyed local lobster which was sweeter ...

Taste 4.0 Atmosphere 5.0 Service 3.3

This dish tastes just awesome with the shallot oil as recommended by the waiter. For that, we have requested 2 shallot oil. Al dente home made noodles in a bit spicy sesame, peanut...

Taste 4.5 Atmosphere 5.0 Service 4.5

This is our first time to dine in at Shisen Hanten restaurant. We must say the view outside was very spectacular. We tried a few dim sums such ascustard buns, fry carrot cake, praw...

Taste 4.5 Atmosphere 5.0 Service 5.0

This restaurant serves the best and most delicious Peking duck that I have ever tasted so far. Not only just once I visited this place for dinner but in fact I went there twp times...

Taste 4.6 Atmosphere 3.5 Service 4.7

I appreciate that they set up a wheelchair access elevator which made it easy that dinning with my dad who was in wheelchair. The staff here was helpful and polite, greeting us wit...


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