Looking For a Locksmith: How and When He Can Help You

Lost keys, locked doors with keys inside – all of us have been in this situation. How to proceed when it happens? Who to call for help to open the safe? How to get quality services at a reasonable price? The following article will provide answers to these questions.

Calling police, firefighters or a locksmith?

As all know, the service of a locksmith is a paid one and there are people who think calling up a local police department or firefighters can save them money. The opposite is true, however. In case of police, calling them to open your locked door can be understood as an intentional misuse of the state branch. This may well result in a fine which might exceed the sum of money that a locksmith is likely to bill you.

The same goes for firefighters: they are most likely to use brute force and cause damage to doors, fittings, locks, etc. In these cases, speed is a priority, to avoid endangering people and property. Compared with the locksmithing service, calling in firefighters and then paying for the damaged door is way more expensive and it is not worth it at all.

Locksmithing in history

Locksmithing is a trade historically related to blacksmithing. While the blacksmith usually worked with hot iron, the locksmith processed cold iron by cutting, drilling, sawing, etc. The locksmith's production also includes other things such as knockers, handles and door hinges.

The ancient Egyptians as well as the Greeks and Chinese knew and used the locks in their time. The greatest different in locks was between the rich and the poor: while the rich enjoyed sturdy iron locks to protect their home and property, the poor had access to the wooden ones. Padlocks were also used, especially for the protection of merchandise and in commerce.

The locks as we know them today came in the 18th century. In 1778, Roberto Barron invented a double cup lock, which is considered a great improvement in lock security. This was a great invention, which Barron got patented. Its strength was in the fact that only one correct key could be used for opening it. Only six years later in 1784, Joseph Bramah came up with a so-called spring lock. This was a security lock, which remained unbreakable for the next sixty years. Read about Bramah’s famous spring lock: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bramah_lock.

Today’s locks come in all kinds and shapes and the locksmiths are the specialists for keys and lock repairs. Locksmiths are able to treat the problems of all common lock and latch systems and some specialist locksmiths are able to repair special locks, installed for greater protection, for example in the storage systems.

What a locksmith can do for you

A locksmith can help you with a whole variety of problems. He is able to open doors of buildings, vehicles and furniture pieces of which the key is non-existent or lost. A locksmith is also a repairman and he can repair locks, bolts and padlocks as well as provide their maintenance. Locksmiths also produce copies of existing keys at their specialized workshops where they have matrices for elaboration of keys. They also make the master keys for similar locks, and in case of a lost key, they can produce a copy of that key from the lock.

Locksmiths also provide counsel on how to use the right types of locks for different buildings and how to improve the security offered by their lock against techniques such as bumping, picking, drilling, etc. With the advancement of technology, we can see that locksmiths also perform activities such as installation and maintenance of automatic doors, installation and repair of window blinds of different kinds and production of vehicle keys as well as complex locks.

The procedure for calling a locksmith

You can contact a Non-Stop Locksmith in case of any problem regarding keys, locks, doors and guard systems in general, at any hour of the day. When calling a locksmith's emergency service, you must always make sure that you have documents from your apartment or car that clearly prove your ownership of the property. This not only protects yourself, but also your property and the locksmith itself.

The non-stop locksmithing service consists of several steps. When you call the locksmith, you tell him what you need and where you are located. At this point, he will ask for your first and last name, the description of the problem and the exact address. The specialist will give you a preliminary price on the service and how much time it will take to solve the problem. You will pay for the service when he completes his work.

Opening security locks of the safes

Opening of safe is a specific sub-area of ​​locksmithing work. By far not every locksmith has the knowledge and experience for treating these locks. For opening and servicing your safe, we recommend contacting experts who open it without destroying the safe. This will save you time and money. When calling a locksmithing service, you will have to specify what type of safe you are talking about. A quality locksmithing company will recommend a specialist who will open the safe without damage.

Price and quality of services

The locksmith can tell you the price range for the service by phone. The exact price will depend on the particular type of lock or other circumstances. Higher rates are common in the evenings, weekends and holidays. The price may be higher than that of unqualified locksmiths, but you will be certain that it will not increase the unexpected expenses that may occur if an unqualified locksmith destroys your hardware or damages the door.

In 99% cases, a locked (and also unlocked) door can be opened by a professional without any damage. When the door is locked, the gentle opening method should be selected. An experienced specialist will not damage your fittings or lock but will only have to drill the cylinder. As for cars, most of them can be opened non-destructively today, but it depends on the expertise. Vault specialists open 80% non-destructively (do not drill into the vault). They use special tools such as mechanical or electronic decoders for safe locks.



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