Pro Tips For Selling Property From Experts At Real Estate

Looking to sell a house or plot? Wondering how to get the biggest ROI with minimal trouble? We were wondering too.

We asked some experts at real estate for advice from the professionals’ point of view. This is what they recommend you do before you put your property up for sale. Take a look!

Set a smart price

Deciding on a price should come after several other considerations (e.g. a thorough inspection of the property). But since it is such an important thing, we are putting it first. Typically, you would get the market value of your home appraised by a real estate agent, and a lot of people set their prices in the higher range of those appraisals.

This is usually a buffer. If you set your starting price low, you will have space to negotiate it down without actually going lower than what you want. But professional investors and real estate agents disagree. The reason is that buyers tend to recognize pretty easily when a home or other kind of property is overpriced.
If the starting tag is higher than the realistic value, potential buyers will give up on seeing the place, or might not even realize that it is for sale since it will not come up in their expected price range. You can read this to get a general idea of what affects the market value of a piece of real estate.

The longer a piece sits on the market, the less likely you are to sell it. People will see it sitting there and wonder “What is wrong with this that nobody has bought it for so long?” Once you get a reputation like that, your sale chances go down the drain. Avoid extending this waiting time for yourself. Be upfront about the property’s actual value from the get-go.

Take good advantage of the net

Nowadays, everyone looks things (and people) up online before there is any contact in person. People are going to want to see pictures of your property before they schedule a viewing, so do your best to make it look as good on the web as it does live. First impressions matter.

Never shy away from investing in a professional photographer when you are preparing your listing. The better your online aesthetic is, the better your chances of actually hooking a deal. Here is an insider tip for you: have a few photos made with a wide-angle lens. These make any house, office building etc. look larger, and therefore more attractive.

Set the stage

A “staged picture” might sound like a bad thing, but it is in fact good. Before you let your photographer do their thing, prepare the place. Do some cleaning, declutter it, and consider rearranging some furniture. Different layouts can make a space seem more spacious, inviting, homey, efficient, and overall attractive. You can learn more about that at this link: here

If you lack the time or resources for full staging, at least clean up, organize, and potentially repaint. Remember to do your yard or auxiliary structures as well. Deep cleaning and power washing are your allies here.
One important point is to get any personal items out of the picture, especially if you are selling a residence. It might seem unnecessary or unpleasant to you, but people will not want to see traces of someone else’s story in a home they are considering. They want to be able to imagine their own life or family in that space, so make it a suitably blank canvas.

Be careful with renovating

Renovations are not always worth the investment. Tempting though as they may be, you want every dollar returned in value. Major changes might end up not changing the market value of the property at all - or worse, decreasing it.

One professional secret you might not know is that natural light makes everything more beautiful. If you want to improve appeal but not spend huge figures on an interior designer, add a window, skylight, or remove a wall. Let buyers play around with the rest as suits their own tastes.




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